Photography has opened my eyes. I used to walk along and look at things without really 'seeing' them but since buying my first Nikon in 2011 the way I look at the world around me now has changed. Now things are different. I look for the way light falls on objects, the way shapes are all around me, symmetry, patterns, reflections, shadows. I try to visualise rectangles for the shot, what to include and more importantly, what to leave out. Of course this didn't happen overnight. My initial approach was simple; look at the scene, take the shot, walk away. . simple. It was on a photography holiday in the Lake District that I first waited for light to fall on a tree to make it stand out from the background. That's another thing I've learnt. . . wait for the moment.
I love photography holidays. Meeting new people, spending a few days with them, learning from participants and tutors, visiting different locations, outside from pre-dawn until after sunset and sometimes until the small hours of the morning, and of course . . best of all. . having FUN.

I first became interested in photography in my late twenties but I guess life got in the way of it ever developing into a hobby. So, back in 2011 I decided it was time to try again. I knew absolutely nothing about it and when I purchased my D3100 I was totally overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. It was a slow learning curve and I'm still on it. I have recently upgraded to a D750 and am so looking forward to more FUN in the years to come.
Hope you enjoy my photos. Drop me a comment if you do.